Pedestrian Bridge adjacent to existing bridge over Missouri River

Location: Jefferson City, MO
Completed: 2011
Owner: Missouri Department of Transportation

The project included a ramp structure to access the walkway from ground level, highway ramp widening, and pedestrian bridge construction adjacent and connected to the east bound Highway 54 river bridge at Jefferson City, MO. The pedestrian walkway provides easy access from the state capitol to the Katy Trail that runs just north of the Missouri River in the central part of Missouri.

The ramp on the north side includes 12 platforms and 11 spans. Each span is over 100′ in length with a rise of 15′ in elevation. The ramp meets up with the constructed walkway adjacent to the existing bridge that crosses the Missouri River. The walkway over the river is anchored to the existing bridge. Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) decking was placed and provides the walking and bike riding surface over the river spans. The on-ramp to the south was widened with a cast-in-place barrier wall to separate pedestrian travelers accessing the bridge from live highway traffic.