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Missouri Fabricators as a division of OCCI, Inc. is an AISC certified Advanced Bridge Fabricator with Fracture Critical Endorsement and Sophisticated Paint Endorsement – Enclosed.


This certification requires an annual audit to ensure the manufacturing processes and quality of the steel fabrications meet the highest industry standards.

Missouri Fabricators has been heavily invested with state of the art fabrication equipment for cutting, drilling, automated welding and surface blasting and painting. The most recent and significant addition is our Kinetic Touchcut7 K5000XMC cutting table. This significant equipment investment recently installed in the Missouri Fabricators cutting department is a state of the art material cutting table that allows us to cut, (plasma and oxygen acetylene) drill, mill and bevel on multiple planes with unparalleled accuracy and speed.


Steel Fabrication Projects

Long Bridge Stringer Replacement over Potomac River

OCCI, Inc. completed the project to remove and replace over 450,000 lbs of steel stringers on existing bridge.  All access was gained from floating

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Fabricate Three 71′ TPG Spans and Bearings for Bridge 64.76

Missouri Fabricators was contracted to fabricate three Through Plate Girder (TPG) Spans, each 71′ in length. The spans were designated fracture critical and the

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