Rosenberg to Victoria Concrete Bridge Construction

Location: Rosenberg to Victoria, TX
Completed: 2009
Owner: Kansas City Southern Railway Company

OCCI completed the removal and rehabilitation of 42 bridges along approximately 90 miles of railroad track that was being put back into service after approximately 25 years of inactivity. The project consisted primarily of the removal of existing timber bridges and replacement with precast T-girders. Bridge lengths ranged from 26’ long to over 1000’ with a total bridge length of 5300 linear feet.
The new bridges were fabricated by driving either HP14 or 20” diameter pipe pile for footings. These pile were driven to depths ranging from approximately 40’ deep to over 200’ deep. Once the pile were driven to refusal, they were cut to an elevation and a precast cap or abutment was welded to the top of the cluster. In most cases, these caps were welded to the pile with an overhead 3/8” fillet weld. Once the caps were welded, two sections of the ballast deck T-girders were placed atop the caps to complete the span, and the sections were welded together. A girder stop was then welded to the pile cap to lock the girders onto the cap. This project also included strengthening of four truss spans. This included: rivet removal and replacement, strengthening of members, bearing replacement, and jacking to set the bridge elevation.