White River Bridge Replacement

Location: Elnora, IN
Completed: 2015
Owner: The Indiana Rail Road Company

OCCI, Inc. completed the rehabilitation and modification of the existing bridge structure with an overall length of 1,270′, supported on precast concrete bent caps and prestressed concrete girders on 13,700 linear feet of driven HP 14×89 steel pile, and three through plate girder (TPG) spans (open deck), supported on four existing masonry piers, modified in the rehabilitation. The existing masonry piers were extended and modified, two on land and two in the river, includes driving 10,670 lineal feet of 9-5/8″ diameter steel micropile around entire perimeter of each pier, anchor existing stone masonry piers via through-bolts and steel dowel bars and embed in perimeter reinforced concrete encasement, including 107,000 lbs. of epoxy coated reinforcing steel and 610 cubic yards of structural concrete to be used to encase the piers.